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7 Reasons to Choose Rail Over Air or Car Travel

rail over car

1. From City Center to City Center

Unlike air travel, you get off the train and out of the station and you are directly downtown. No need for an hour long taxi ride. If you’re lucky, you can sometimes even walk to your hotel!

2. Gain Time

This reason goes hand in hand with number one. In some cases, you can gain time. You don’t have to arrive hours before your departure for check-in. Also, since you arrive downtown, you don’t lose time in getting from the airport to your hotel and you won’t get stuck in traffic!

3. Cheaper

As a lot of people know, air travel can be very expensive. Taking the train can cut down the costs by a lot. If you decide to take a night train, you cut down your travel and accommodation expenses. You fall asleep in one city and by the time you wake up, you are in a totally different country (or city).

4. No Turbulence

One of the best reasons on this list is probably this point. While taking the train, you don’t have to live through any horrible turbulence. The train goes from point A to point B at a smooth speed making the journey much more relaxing.

5. Scenery

While traveling by car, you might be surrounded by magical landscapes but can’t fully enjoy them because you also need to pay attention to the road. With the train, you can walk around and take the best picture possible of your surroundings.

6. More Space

This one is a given. Seats in trains are the kinds of seats planes used to have 50 years ago. Luckily you can still experience them. Unlike air or car travel, you have more space and you can easily walk around to stretch your legs.

7. Turns Transport into an Experience

Taking the train is an experience in itself unlike any other mode of transportation. You see routes that you sometimes wouldn’t have seen any other way while relaxing the whole journey.

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