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FAQ – How do I count the number of travel days I should get for my pass?

When traveling with a rail pass, you will have a specific number of travel days you can travel by train.  On these travel days you can use the train as often as you like from midnight to midnight, allowing you to keep a flexible schedule, as you can hop on and hop off trains as you wish.

To count the number of travel days you require for your rail pass, first look at your itinerary and check:

a) How many travel days &

b) If you are moving from place to place almost daily or if you have more time between each destination.

Please note that each rail pass has its own corresponding selection of validities so please browse our complete list of rail passes to see which one is right for you!

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    1. RubenBastien

      Hi KeithN,

      Using the flexible pass you describe in your example, you have 30 days to use your 8 days or rail travel.

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