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Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance can I buy my Pass?

The Japan Rail Pass can be bought up to 3 months before the first day of validity of your pass while JR East Passes can be bought up to 180 days.

Is it necessary to buy a rail pass before departing on my trip?

Yes, the majority of Passes offered by Japan Railways are only for sale to foreign nationals who are holders of non-Japanese passports and have entered Japan with a “Temporary Visitor” visa to stay in Japan for no longer than 90 days. Therefore, Japan rail passes are not readily available once you arrive.

What is the difference between a Consecutive Pass and a Flexipass?

A FlexiPass is best for travel on the days of your choice within the period of validity. A consecutive pass is best for travel on days that follow one another.

What are the eligible ages for child, youth and senior discounts?

Children 6-11 pay up to half the adult fare. Child under 6 years of age travel free if not occupying a seat, and accompanied by an adult in possession of a Japan Rail Pass.

In which cases are the seat reservations advisable?

For the majority of Japanese trains, seats can be reserved without extra charge. If a passenger boards a train without a reserved-seat ticket, or if the reserved-seating area of the train is full, the passenger will have to travel in the non-reserved-seating area. When travelling on trains where a seat reservation is mandatory, such as the Tohoku Shinkansen Hayate, Akita Shinkansen Komachi and Narita Express, the passenger will not be permitted to board without a seat reservation.

How do I make seat reservations?

Seat reservations can only be made in Japan. For any additional products please refer to their respective product information pages for pass specifics.

What are the benefits of Green Class seating?

Green Class seating offer larger seats, a footrest, additional space between seats as well as space for your luggage. You will also receive a hot towel (oshibori) and a choice of a cold or hot beverage.

How much are the shipping fees?

Shipping charges and delivery time are dependent on your country of residence.

How to exchange your ticket?

We will ship you an Exchange Order Voucher which you exchange in Japan for your pass. For more additional details, please refer to the specific product pages.

How is a travel day calculated?

A travel day is a 24hr period from midnight to midnight, during which time you can travel on as many trains as you wish.