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Spring Blossoms in Japan

Get around with a Japan Rail Pass

Japan attracts visitors in April each year for the blooming cherry blossoms. They bring a beautiful pink hue to Japan’s many cities, parks, riversides, gardens, castles and shrines.  Map out your own cherry blossom viewing tour with a Japan rail pass.  Japan rail passes also provide access to some top sightseeing attractions, from Tokyo and Nagano to Mount Fuji. Japan rail travel is highly popular thanks to its Shinkansen “bullet trains”. You can be sure to get around Japan quickly, safely and comfortably.

You can enjoy Japan’s cherry blossoms in an endless number of locations however we have some favorites.

Spring Blossoms in Japan

Favorite Cherry Blossom Spots

1) Shinjuku Gyoen in Tokyo

Its gardens feature more than 1000 cherry trees of over a dozen varieties.

2)Ueno Park in Tokyo

This park is popular destination nearby the National Museum and around Shinobazu Pond.

3)Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine in Kamakura

You will find a path covering almost 500 meters, creates a spectacular cherry blossom tunnel.

4)The northern shores of Lake Kawaguchiko near Mt.Fuji

This location provides the perfect photo opportunity with the cherry blossoms in the foreground, the lake and Mt. Fuji in the distance.

5)Along Yamazaki River in Nagoya

You will find almost a kilometer of cherry blossoms lining the river, making for striking views.

6)Maruyama Park next to Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto

This location is especially beautiful in the evenings where a large weeping cherry gets lit up. You can even enjoy a meal at one of the many food stands under the cherry trees.

7)Kema Sakuranomiya Park in Osaka

There are roughly 5000 cherry trees line Okawa River for several kilometers. This sight is one that should not be missed!

8)Mount Yoshino

The mount is covered by 30,000 cherry trees, making it Japan’s most famous cherry blossom viewing spot.

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